Unfortunately, there are few Japanese whose names are mentioned when thinking of the history of the world. A well-known Japanese history writer Ryotaro Shiba says, “Japan could not hold a hero at last,” but if you dare to say it is only about Togo Heihachiro who is well-known in the world.

There are quite a few talented people in Japan. Tokugawa Ieyasu, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, this area would be a world history level if only thinking of ability.

However, considering the impact on world history, it is still very small.

So who is the one who influenced the world history most?

There are several names in this question.

The Roman emperor Augustus was first and foremost one of the names mentioned.

To be the successor of Caesar at only 18 years old

The influence of ancient Rome on world history is immeasurable.

The Renaissance that flourished in the 14th century Italy was a revival of Greek and Roman culture, and many countries still use “Senatus” to represent the Senate as a word to represent the Senate.

About 40% of the words of the world language, which is not an exaggeration, are derived from Latingo, an ancient Roman language, and there are many researchers in Roman history, and the representative, Theodor Momsen, is the Nobel Prize for Literature It won an actual award.

There is also a lot of other effects, but if you write them, it will be a huge amount, so I would like to write about it occasionally.

By the way, among these Romans, Momsen was said to be “the only creative genius that Rome has born”, said Julius Caesar, who had come to the point of unifying Rome, which was a civil war.

He became a dictator for a lifetime, committed various reforms, but was killed by Senators who feared the dictatorship.

Caesar had left a testament of his life, whether he was expecting his assassination.

The contents shook violently throughout Rome.

In his will, Caesar adopted his adolescent named Octavinus as his own son, and succeeded him in the name of Caesar.

Knowing the Future We know what kind of person the young Octavinus will be. But at the time the Romans didn’t know who Octavinus was.

Antonius and Lepidus, who had served as Caesar’s deputy, tried to make Caesar’s testimony dead without hesitation.

“Octovianus? WHO?”

This was a thought common to the Romans and the Senate, as well as to Caesar’s assistants.

Sick young man with no achievements

In the republic of Rome there was an adventurous course called Cruss Honorm.

He was elected to a key position such as Quaestre or Adelis, and eventually became a Praetle or Consul, and then became the governor of the province.

If you say in modern Japan, do you feel like going to Todai from Kaisei or Sakai to become a bureaucracy after taking a national kind examination and going down?

If you compare it to Japan, you will feel wicked and dreamless, but Japan and Rome are different. It was a great honor to win a major job.

These key positions can be inauguration if they are elected by the nobles, the common people, or the Equites class, but there was an age limit for that. Even young geniuses such as Schipio and Pompeyus in Rome in the past have been forced to take part in their respective battles without being able to become commanders such as Consul and Praetre who were caught by this age restriction.

Octavian was still 18 years old when Caesar’s testament was released.

Moreover, he was ill and pale, and was about to fall ill and go to bed in order to participate in the battle, and the key job was a person with only experience as a divine officer.

In Rome, where both Prateur and Consul were rich, Caesar made Octavinus his successor.

Caesar is a human who has many achievements in the world history, but the biggest achievement can be said to be the successor to Octavian who has no achievements.

Certainly, Octavinus was the grandson of Caesar’s sister, and there was a certain relationship with him. But that would not have been the case alone. The first class sees the first class. Caesar accurately saw Octavian’s talent.

Who is the person with the highest political ability in world history?

I answer Octavius ​​to that question.

But Octavian had no military talent at all. To be honest I was weak. Of course Caesar also saw it and placed a young man named Agrippa beside him.

I think that one of Octavinus’s talents is that it is a talent that can be left to people. And that is a talent that can take the world.

Even in the case of a company, a company with a firm division of labor will last longer than a charisma president. There is a limit to what one human being can do.

I think that Kaesar will be overwhelmingly superior if you think only with the personal qualities. Caesar was a first-class politician and was strong in battle. Moreover, if you write letters, it will become first grade. But unfortunately I could not get away from heaven.

Second Three-Headed Politics

Antonius’s greatest failure would have been to leave Caesar’s assassin for a while.

Antonius’s qualities far surpassed Octavinus on the military side, and were about the same as Agrippa, but none at all on the political side.

Antonius looked at Octavianus and commented that he was “the one who just inherited the name of Caesar” and decided himself to be the successor of Caesar.

But Octavian is not the only man who succeeded his name.

Octavinus, who was informed of Caesar’s assassination in Greece, went to see Cicero on her way back to Rome.

At that time in Rome, Antonius had become a consul, and it was in the state of giving grace to Caesar assassin after concluding the Senate faction, so strongman Cicero was accustomed to stay at home. .

Octavinus succeeded in grabbing Cicero’s heart. And both criticized Antonius and gave a bounty even to Caesar’s former subordinates who had to borrow their own debt.

Actually, Caesar’s testament stated that he would give his property to Octavius, but because Antonius wore it, Octavianus had no money, but he made money for people and realized rewards. I did it.

In this area, I think that it has come out how good Octavian is, but I think that it is an episode of how Antonius is an accessory. The whole city of Rome was disappointed that he did not try to execute his wills while claiming to be Caesar’s successor. As a lawyer, Cicero is one of Rome’s best, and his argument has been used as a reference for later generations. It can be said that Antonius did not have a political sense in that area, and it could be said that Octavinus won the operation with Cicero as a friend.

It is important to know how to attach a powerful person to the allies, but the influencer business of how to attach the influencer to the current website management is important, but Octavinus is the friend of the influencer named Cicero. It can be said that it was attached to.

Originally, in order to enter the Senate, you have to experience the important job mentioned above. But again, as mentioned earlier, Octavinus had not yet reached its age.

Despite this, Octavianus was able to gain the status of Senate, not only because Catharians Hiltius and Panza were appointed to Consul after Antonius, but because Cicero was on the side I will.

Octavinus knew very well who to stand against and against whom, and when to do it.

Of course, many Senators were originally with Caesar, and now they are afraid of the existence of Octavinus’ soldiers.

Octavianus causes the Senate to recognize the imperium, which is the highest military right, and marks the defeated Caesar assassin.

Antonius and Lepidus, who were at a disadvantage, decided to join with Octavius.

It is the start of the second trilogy.

VS Caesar assassin

The Caesar’s successors, now in a united form, begin fighting with the Caesar assassins, such as Kasius Longinus and two Brutus.

Although yesterday’s enemy has the word today’s friend, it seems that Octavinus and Antonius did not go that way, so it was almost impossible to cooperate. However, it seemed that it was the same for the enemy, and it seems that the cooperation between Kasius and Brutus did not work well, as a result, Octavianus and Brutus will fight against Antonius and Kasius in the Filippi land.

As mentioned earlier, Octavian is not good at fighting. Also, Agrippa was not a military genius, and he had little experience, so he lost to Brutus.

Fortunately, the battle itself was won by Caesar’s successors, as Antonius overcame Kathius, which makes Antonius even more ignorant of Octavius.

Roman national unity

When the common enemy disappears, it begins to give up in the inner ring this time.

This is something that has been repeated in all the history and culture of humanity in the world, and the caesar successors who defeated the caesar assassins have begun to fight together.

At the beginning it happens between Octavinus and Lepidus.

After the Battle of Philippi, Antonin was in the east, Octavinus in the west including Rome, and Lepidus in North Africa, and they were fighting one after the other on each land, but the son of Pompeius and Octavianus were fighting. During his time Lepidus assaults Octavinus.

However, Lepidus is not an enemy in front of awaking Agrippa, and Lepidus loses a leg on this occasion.

The remaining ties with Antonius will also collapse when Antonius divorces Octavius’s sister Octavia and marries Cleopatra, and will advance to a sea battle with the Greek Actium.

It was linked to Cleopatra, and because Antonius had given possession of the Roman territory to Egypt without permission, the General of Antonius side continued to ally with Octavius, as far as he could see him.

Furthermore, Octavinus succeeds in the battle between Rome and Egypt, not the battle of Caesar’s successor. As a result, the battle was not a civil war in Rome, but was replaced by a battle with the foreign enemy Ptolemaic Egypt who threatened Rome.

The generals who were stunned by having become an enemy of Rome leave Antoni’s fork one after another.

Despite collecting a large number of mercenaries using the treasures stored in Egypt, the quality of the gold- hired generals was poor, and Antonius was no longer an enemy.

In fact, when the Battle of Actium begins, Cleopatra escapes from the battlefield, and Antonius, who saw it, abandons his position as a commander and leaves the battlefield.

Both Antonius and Cleopatra harmed themselves, and the era of the first century of civil war here has come to an end, and the era of Paxromana has begun.



After a long-lasting Roman civil war, Octavianus performed a large triumphal arch and was given the prestigious Augustus by the Senate.

Augustus did not step on Caesar’s fort.

Caesar became a dictator and became an enemy of the republic of Rome. So, in order to respect the Senate, Angustus himself named himself Princips Quivitas, the first citizen of Rome, and showed that he had no dictatorship intention.

But the reality is that it is more dictatorship than Caesar, and it will be done cleverly.

As described in more detail in another article, Augustus carefully and steadily fixed footings one by one, as if everything happened.

Julius Adulterous Offenses, Extramarital Negotiations Sin, Juris Official Marriage Law and Family Misconduct

Octavius ​​was born with only one daughter in life.

At first she was married to a man named Markels, but she got married and got married with Agrippa, who is one arm.

The marriage was a success, and he had three boys and two girls, but after Agrippa’s death he married Tiberius.

However, the relationship between these two people was very bad. Or it might have been a rebellion against Father Augustus who only saw himself as a tool. Yulia will enjoy the love affair with several men.

Octavinus could not but punish this. Anyway, adultery sins in the middle of the bill which I drafted. It is because there was a law on extramarital negotiations.

This was a bill to bring order to Rome, but it is interesting that the principle of Roman law is that even the emperor must obey the law.

Augustus was forced to make Julia an island sink.

Also, two of Julia’s sons died earlier than Augustus. The remaining one was too badly acted and was forced to banish him.

Adopted Tiberius, the son of Revere, Augustus’ remarried partner, and became the next emperor.

Augustus’s right arm after Agrippa’s death is Tiberius, but although he once rebelled, it might have been decided that only Tiberius can leave Rome.

But in Augustus, Tiberius was the only emperor of the passage.

As a condition of Tiberius’s imperial succession, he is adopted as the grandson of sister Octavia and Germanicus, who is also the grandson of his beloved wife Revere.

The successive Roman emperors died prematurely. Even after 70, there were few who were emperors.

Augustus, born in 63 BC, survived until 14 AD.

Teijiru, his son-in-law, was adopted as his successor, and in the end he completed Tenju.

76 years old

Personal Augustus (Octavianus) rating

The Roman empire built by the first emperor Augustus will last for over 400 years, including the Eastern Roman Empire for over 1,500 years.

The achievements of Augustus who made the foundation will be the same as the first emperor of the nephew who made the concept of Chinese.

Unlike the first emperor, there is not much control over speech, and basically we try to promote culture, reduce the burden on the Romans instead, end the struggle between the Romans that lasted for 100 years, and the Pax Romana It was in realizing the peace that was said.

In contrast to the first emperor who conducted the writing-book research, in the reign of Augustus, there are great cultural developments such as producing Vergilius who wrote Aeneis. I made various infrastructure aspects, tried to unify the monetary system and stabilized the politics.

The only disappointment was the defeat of the Germans in the Battle of Toitburg Forest, which was also immediately suppressed by Tiberius.

It was about 200 years until the death of Marcus Aurelius Antonius, when he was called Pax Romana.

Japan has maintained war for 70 years, the Tokugawa Shogunate has maintained peace for 260 years, but given the vast and geographical conditions of the Roman Empire, including Spain to the west and Syria to the east, it is far more prominent than Japan, which is an island country. It should be said that we have accomplished something that is difficult to achieve.

When considering the qualities of a single person overall, Caesar will be better. However, there are no people of all time east and west who have achieved more than Augustus.

Genghis Khan created a vast empire, but he did not want to maintain or maintain it.

Alexander the Great also split the empire immediately after his own death.

After the first emperor’s death, the fort was destroyed immediately.

Augustus is the first to create an empire that has established a political system that can be used in later generations.

It can be said that it is the first-class person who should be named first in world history.