Those who know the name of Michikichi Hayashi will be quite a Sengoku mania.

One of the four suppers that Oda Nobuhide gave for his son Oda Nobunaga, and he was the chief of Nobunaga’s nurture as the chief “leader” among them …

Limit Nobunaga

It is a famous and talented human being that once in a while, Doshi Saito Dozo Saito of the warring mascot meets once and sees Nobunaga’s talent and says, “My descendants will all connect horses in front of Nobunaga.” Is to spot that talent, but the opposite is also true.

While Hayashi is Nobunaga’s lead parenting officer, he restricts Nobunaga, and along with Katsuta Shibata, he sided with Nobunaga’s younger brother Nobuyuki.

In the background, in addition to the usual behavior of Nobunaga, which was called “Hikage”, there was an action that threw Mika at a funeral for Father Nobuhide’s funeral.

In this area, the second-ranked scorpio Masahide also kills his own life, and it may be a natural flow to bring love to Nobunaga for Japanese who value ceremonial occasions.

Nobuhide still succeeded Nobunaga as a mustard son, but the Veterans of the Oda family were split by Nobunaga or Nobuyuki.

As a result of the split, the brothers will fight for bones and bones, and both sides will crash in the battle of Ina. As you know, the result is a great victory for Nobunaga.

It is safe to say that Nobunaga is the first person in Japanese history, and although he is an ally, he kills incompetent persons, while an enemy but a competent person is in the heavy use. Both Katsuya Shibata and Norinaga are allowed to serve again. What was the feeling of Hayashi at this time?

Office of the Oda family

Since then, Hayashi will play an important role in the administration of the Oda family. For example, when the relationship between General Ashikaga Yoshiaki and Nobunaga gets worse, the name of the letter sent to Yoshiaki’s aide is linked to the acclaimed letter, and in important documents such as the Cheongju Alliance, the name of the forest is always mentioned. It is about to come.

It can be said that it was a life that supported the person named Nobunaga in a bold but powerful manner.

The end of the betrayal

One day in 1580, 25 years after the battle of Inao, Nobunaga suddenly banished the forest.

The reason for expulsion is a betrayal 25 years ago.

Only Nobunaga will know why 25 years have passed since the punishment, but in the Nobunaga camp where the family members have been fulfilling, the existence of forests may no longer be considered unnecessary.

Nobunaga basically doesn’t forgive people who have leaned towards themselves. It was probably impossible to endure as we approached the reunification of the world, as we were in need of human resources at the time of the launch of a shortage of human resources, and as we approached the unification of the world.

This is what makes Oda Nobunaga different from Roman hero Caesar.

Kaesar basically forgives even a human being with his blade, and does not put a hardship later. However, it is assassinated from the human being who so hesitated …

t seems that the expulsion of the forest appeared to be a great fear for the Veterans of Oda, and there is also a story that this one thing is affecting that Akechi Mitsuhide caused the disturbance of Honnoji.

Under Oda Nobunaga, who is not forgiven for any mistakes, the days of rest will not come, and it may be that a country called Japan would have been terrorized if it were something to capture the world.

By the way, although the popular name “Forest Hayashi Hayashi” was used for a long time, the real name seems to say “Hayato Hayashi”.

In the later years, the expulsion was a bit pious, but it might have been better luck in terms of having survived Nobunaga.