Maeda Matakaemon Toshiie was born in Toshiharu Maeda, a dojo of Aako in Ao, Owari.

It was not particularly blessed with birth, nor was it a position to succeed the family general, nor was it a translation of being blessed with special talents.

Still, Toshiie Maeda became the founder of “Kaga One Stone”.

Only the courage is more than anyone, and this time I would like to talk about the Maeda Toshiie who told the 6th Heavenly Devil and the feared Oda Nobunaga that he was “a man with a thick hair.”

Toshi Maeda was poor.

How poor were you? It was poor enough to live next to Kikumo Fujiyoshiro, who is unknown to anyone.

The two families who served Oda Nobunaga together and their wives were very close together lived in the castle town of Cheongju Castle from when.

In a world of warring states, the two families help each other, share their dreams, and the relationship will last for life.

Toshiie served as the power of Nobunaga’s chief elder, Shugo Hayashi, but he began serving as a Nobunaga’s surname at the age of 15 or 16.

It is said that Nobunaga’s surname was called Pickle, and the young people of Toshiie were also inclined. The costumes are flashy and fast, and in the battle of the first team, Aizu, he is active in raising the ranks of the enemy, becoming a member of the elite squad’s eclectic navy costumes of Nobunaga’s report, and scolding a wife called “Pine”. It is like around here that I met Hideyoshi.

Maeda Toshiie, who seems to have made good progress, has had an incident in the early 20’s with a chopstick with Nobunaga’s favorite Chaboshin and cutting it off.

Nobunaga, who knew this, rages, and requests to Toriie, but this time he is petitioned for life by Katsuya Shibata, and although life is connected somehow, it will be the head of the Veterans of the Oda family.

It is said that Toshiie who did not go after that was taking care of Atsuta Jingu.

A year later, Yoshiharu Imagawa, the great lord of the Owari country, was to pass. The Maeda Toshiie who heard this can not stand, but it is armed by oneself and participates in the battle between Sakai narrowly.

The nickname on the left side of the nephew was not a Date, and achieved results that raised several leaders, but Nobunaga still did not forgive Toshiie, but continued to avenge the enemy without permission thereafter and Nobunaga finally resigned to Toshiie again I decided to use it.

Even so, since we are helping Nobunaga during the battle between Toshiie and Toba, it may be possible to say that there are still eyes to see people from the results. If you look objectively, Imagawa was overwhelmingly advantageous, is it due to loyalty or is it to believe in Nobunaga’s victory? I would like to hear and see if I have a chance to meet Maeda in that world.

Aside from that, Toshiie went to wherever Nobunaga would go, and played battles such as the battle of Kanegasaki and the battle of Anekawa that occurred between the Asai and Asakura forces, the battle with Honganji, and the battle with Ichikusa Ichigo. And, in the battle of Nagamine, which is a battle with Mr. Takeda, he has entered the battle as an artillery head.

After that, he joined as a corps power of Katsuya Shibata who is also the benefactor, and he equalized Ichika Ichikawa of Kaga, gave rise to war in Hokuriku, and finally became the lord of Nanao Castle, and grew into a daimyo with a territory of 230,000 stones.

It can be said that it is a typical rising episode in the warring world.

After Nobunaga’s death


In 1582, a major event took place in the island country of Japan, Zippangu.

Akechi Mitsuhide defeated Mr. Oda Nobunaga in Honnoji.

Formerly best friend Yoshiro Shimoshita Yoshiro who changed his name as Hideyoshi Habuchi by the world-renowned “Chinese return” defeated Akechi Mitsuhide at the Battle of Yamazaki.

At that time, Maeda Toshiie was clearly delayed by one step in the battle with Uesugi Keikoshi along with Katsuya Shibata.

It became an issue of who passed the trace of Nobunaga over time, and the confrontation between Hideyoshi and Kuwata Katsuya became inevitable.

While all over Japan watched both armies, the public’s attention came to the point where Maeda Toshiya would stick.

A young day, a close friend talking about dreams together or a lifesaver?

At this time, what kind of thought was there in the heart of Toshi Maeda?

The battle took place at Mt.

Maeda Toshiie, who has a large army of 230,000 stone, has appeared as Katsuya Shibata.

After all did you be a friend of lifesaver?

Everyone thought so, but not.

Toshi Maeda, without moving his troops until the end, left the front during the war.

Neither the best friend nor the benefactor was betrayed either.

After the battle, Katsuya Shibata visited Maeda.

It is said that Katsuya Shibata just simply said “Thank you”.

After that, Hideyoshi Habuchi came.

Hideyoshi said that the opening was “Because I was hungry and let me eat some rice,” and I returned soon after eating.

After that, he survived the warring world as a good friend of Hideyoshi, and changed to Shikoku, Kyushu, and Odawara, and watched that his close friend would become a genius.

A dream similar to the youthful day’s play of becoming a genius was realized.

After reunification

Hideyoshi changed his name to Toyotomi Hideyoshi and gained the position of Seki Haku and the status of Dazai, becoming a genius.

Maeda Toshiie became a 5 magistrate with Tokugawa Ieyasu, Uesugi Keikoshi, Moeri Terumoto and Ukita Hideya, and assisted Hideyoshi and performed checks on other Daimyo.

It is said that in the late years of Hideyoshi, he was the only person who could only say to Hideyoshi, who became a genius, and even after his death, he was a strong ally of Mr. Toyotomi.

Ieyasu, who is aiming for the world, said that Toshiie was not alone.

The proof is that when Toshiie Maeda dies in 1599, Ieyasu reveals his ambition, and in the following 1600 the battle of Sekigahara, the biggest battle in Japanese history, begins, and in the 15 years that Toyotomi dies Resulting in.

After Toshiie’s death, Toshiie’s wife Matsu was taking hostage to Ieyasu who showed his intention to conquer Kaga. Former Ikyasu could not go against Matsu, and Kaga was ruled out by Maeda.

Personal evaluation of Toshie Maeda

In a sense he was a very lucky person.

The best luck in the warring era was Hideyoshi, but the second one is probably Toshie.

Of course not only luck.

Hideyoshi became a man of the world because he looked at such a figure that he could recognize Nobunaga, and that even though he was exiled, he was obsessed with the thickness of his obedience to Oda Nobunaga, his betrayal and close friends. Even if I believe in trust, even Ieyasu could not say that he could not help.

The strong ones do not survive but the ones who survive are strong.

In the warring world, various heroes were born and disappeared.

However, Toshi Maeda survived the difficult times, and the descendants prospered greatly.

Toshie Maeda can also be said to be one of the heroes who makes his name in Japanese history.