It is a strong horse with a flashy image called “Kurama Ultra”, but it may be said that it is the character with the most difference in the character of the Three Kingdoms, created based on the real history of Masashi Sangokushi and historical fact.

Let’s take a look at the fierce life of Ma Chao, which was called  KantaiShogun this time.

A tragic master

Cao Cao, who had a devil, had in his name a Han Dynasty forced his lord to order in a way that was convenient to him.

One day when I went out for deer hunting. Arou or Cao’s hunting deer using the bow of the devil and received praise from the morning ministers. There is no one who can complain about that, and there is no power that can stop that side after Liu Shao’s death.

Han Sung-Hung, who was painfully obsessed with this, similarly plans a caustic assassination with Tsuan Hoon, who swears loyalty to the Han Dynasty.

The plan was carried out in a deer hunting one day, but the plan had been leaked in advance, and all the Chung Cheng and Bong Chun families were about to be executed and the Han Dynasty’s fortune was about to run out.

Ma Teng, who has a post-Han Han-seong-guing place, was executed with his son’s majesty, horse iron, and only one Ma Chao and his cousin, Ma Wei, remained in Lizhou, and was shaken by the death of his father.

Along with Han, who was his father-in-law and his son-in-law, Ma Zhao calls on Ryoshu lords and declares Caoist defeat.

Go to the Kurama!

The father was killed and Ma Chaowas burning in anger.

The face is a crown ball, the eye is a meteor, the tiger body gullet, the belly of a brow on the waist of a brow, a white silver brow with a white silver brow that is feared in the name of General Kantai, “Rima Super” It is said that the power has spread widely to the Chinese world.

“I will eat you raw meat”

Ma Chao who met Cao Cao across the spring started to assault on the Cao cay camp.

It is said to be one of the five generals of the Causal Army that attacked it and it will be said that it was forbidden.

The rage of angry mare was too heavy for the ban. While he did not meet in a row, he had fallen for a while, and the next one that came was a famous general, Zhang Bong, but this also resigned after having met 20 times or so, and Lee Tong, who has come up with a willingness to improve And charge to Cao cay straightly.

“Gee, Ma Chao !!”

The moment I thought that it was no good, Kaohsiung, who is the chief of the caustic guard, stood in front of the horse.

The two men’s game lasts for a whole day and night, but it has not been settled after all, and both sides will withdraw from the battlefield once.

Total distance

Cao’s did not stop shaking. Without forgiveness, there would have been no life at this time. I would never want to see the face of a horse over again.

“Are there anyone who has a plan?”

As usual, when Cao Chao asked his subordinates, Chung went one step further and offered “total separation”. It was not trying to get over the horse, but trying to connect Han-su, who brought a soldier with the horse over.

He finally wrote a letter to Han so he could understand it.

He thinks that he is betrayed by Han, and attacks it. As a result, he comes down to Cao Chao and Ryoshu’s lords leave one after another. However, Mao still challenged the Cao forces, but they were out of control in part because of the caustic clans, who said they had said Natsu and Cao Hong, with reinforcements. His family, including his wife and son, was caught by Cao Zhao, and he immediately executed execution, and decided to go to the prisoner of the Gwadao Jing Yu who is in the middle of Han with his own family’s majesty, and his right arm.

Encounter with Liu Bei

Mazhou’s emblem was bullish. It is because Sue Qi Gen Xuan of Han Han who has the same surname of the nephew told me the allies.

Hakubiki asked Bibi to punish Zhang Zhao, who had been on the mass for many years.

Zhang Jing will be in an operation to hit a horse ball with him in Zhang Jing.

A big man with a thunderous voice is standing in front of a horseman who is attacking with force.

“I am Zhang Taintak! I will fight with me because anything is fine!”

Horses also do not dislike this arrangement. The two sides were fighting for each other, and it was almost impossible to conclude, and their weapons were broken, and friendship was born in the fight.

Eventually the horseback turned over, but Shomei Shogo could not miss it. He was familiar with the inner feelings of the Zhang Wei army. Shomei, who knew that he had feared that his accompaniment was overtaken by the horse-superior, sent a letter to Kamatsu-matsu about the fact that the horse-superior went to Bibi side. Kamatsu confessed this to Zhang Hui, and Ma He lost the place to return.

I came to the place of wandering horse is under the control of Li Wei.

“If there is no place to return, come to us”


“What’s wrong!”

In this way, the horseman falls down to the Qian Xuan Teng with the horseman of the leftover family. At this time, Yutoku of the right arm remains under Zhang-hui, and he will be active as a caustic general because Zhang-hui has surrendered to Cao.

Liu Bei, who made a return to the Ma Chao-back, said, “I’ve got Mashu now.” At this time, Minmei was quietly laughing when he approached the world’s third-quarter total.

Five Tiger Generals

In the meantime, Liu Bei reigned Mashu, succeeded in getting the land from Cao cao, and took the position of the emperor as the founder of the nation.

At that time, he is appointed as General 5 Tiger along with Guan Yu and Zhang Fe.

I do not know when the Ma Chao died.

It was a life like a flash.

Ma Chao Eruption in real history

it is all about the creation of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.

Since this blog is a world history blog, you have to write about historical facts.

Ma Chao are the most favored person in Sangokushi sensei, and it is safe to think that the horse senses of readonism and positive history are different things.

After all, the horse’s superiority in Shoji was born as a son of Mato, and the blood of the late Han’s famous Shoma-sent has drawn solidly. It can be said that she was born rare and rare in the lesser armament camp.

It is supposed that Ma-Teng was killed by Cao Chao for being faithful to Han Dynasty in the depiction, but in historical facts it is totally different from the proposition that the horse-tower was executed in the capital because the horse super had raised a soldier It has become.

Ma Teng and Cao Cao had originally formed an alliance, and after the government battle, they dispatched reinforcements to defeat the remnant of the Shao-Sha army.

Although it is written like Han’s loyalist in prosperity, he has become a subordinate of Roh table, and has a situation where it is hard to say that he is absolutely insincere to Lee Qian and others.

However, he is actually fighting against Lee Qin and is losing boro. I also win over Ryofu, and Li Qin may be relatively strong against the war.

By the way, there is also a record that Ma-Sho was embarrassingly killed by a character named Han-Soo under the age of his youth when he was young, and he escaped from his life, but in order to make Ma-Cho as a hero, this story was not found in the Three Kingdoms. I myself was shocked when I learned this story. It seems that a warlord of the strongest class was defeated sloppyly to a warlord whose name is not so famous in the Three Kingdoms. . By the way, if it thinks that it is a character strongman called this line, it will be an accessory that is about to escape in front of the enemy later. The reason why the author of the demeanor, Luohan, does not have this person appear in the demeanor at all.

The reason why the super horse rivals Cao Cao was quite complicated, and Mahun and Han-soo were close friends as brother-in-law, but in the end they had to go to attack each other. It was Cao Cao who stood in the middle here, but since the battle did not stop, he called back Mafeng as a central official. He then raised the sergeant of defeating a group of Taoists, the Doto-US-do, which was his gurus, but he assumed that he was an army to defeat himself.

Mao will organize a defeated caustic soldier with Hansu and other Ryoshu soldiers, and will begin the battle of Shaoguan with Cao.

Battle of Shaoguan

Han-su was reluctant to fight the Cao cao, but Mao persuaded him to actively fight the cao cao. Ma Super has taken over the army of Ma Teng as it is, and the two men in charge of the Ryoju Warlords, such as Ryoshu and Seiki, are in line with this, and the battle between Ryoshu Sakai and Cao Cha begins It is a translation.

His historical horse is brave but at the same time has a rather cruel character, and the anecdotes etc seen in the king show its character.

Although the king is a masculine name, it is a woman. He is a wife of a person named Sakai, who is taken as a hostage with his son as a hostage, but he does not stop the rebellion against the same subject and eventually kills his son. Before that, a man named Liu Kang surrendered to a horse super character, but he overthrew a promise to save lives, and also killed the man named Koan.

By the way, although it is the battle of the important Shashin, at first, Cao Jin prevented the invasion of the Ma Chao.

If it is a depiction, it is a dignified person who also loses this achievement, and it will be the person who loses most in the depiction.

Next, Xu Rui met Ritsushu Roh, and during that time Cao Cao was attacked by the Ma Super Force Army, which seems to have saved the life of Cao Cao, as in the case of prosperity. It seems to have been one of the largest pinches in Cao Chaung’s life.

As the battle became intense, when the peace conference was held by the three parties, Cao Cha, Mao, and Han Su, they tried to kill Cao Cao, but it was not possible because he had permission.

After that, the discord broke down, and the same was true for the separation of the acupuncture needless, and the horse overrun and the confession of the Korean army were overwhelmed, and the Ryoju Allied Forces would be defeated by the Caotian army without control.

Cao cao then executed a family of horses and a family of horses just like a rebuke would be horses.

Whether horse warriors were also ancestral to the ancestors, they formed an alliance with the Barbarians and caused another battle in Ryoju. Although the summer camp is dispatched to Suzuju, it has broken it, and the Tibet-based barbarians are tied up with the opposition of various powers, including the kings who came out earlier, and they lose their army, and as with the pros Run away relying on

After that, the horseman has been ordered to Bibi at his own discretion. At this time, his wife and child were placed under Zhang Yin, and it seems that he had just taken Ma-an. Ibi is delighted to hear this and is treated as a horseman.

When he became Han Chinese King, he would become the left general, and if he was founded in 221 he would be appointed as a general car cavalry, but the next year he died.

Unfortunately, the Five Tigers General is a creation of demeanor, and in fact it is believed that Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Super, and Huang Tae have been put on the same rank, and that it was created by Lu Han who was inspired by this.

In addition, when Ma Zhao is appointed to the left general, Kanhe in Zhengzhou has sent a letter to his lord about what a man is Ma Zhao, and Quangmei said, “Ma Zhao is equal with General Zhang Fei. Of course, it does not extend to General Seki I’m feeling good.

In addition, since the horse race is not fighting with the Liu Bei army, there is neither a plan of a queer nor a strike with Zhang Fei. Even in the Hankseong battle, Cao Hong has been blocked and it is almost impossible to achieve any achievements.

Personal Ma Chao rating

The three men, who are said to be too far apart from devotion and positive history, are believed to have had an excellent personality even in positive history, but the rough brutality of horseiness is terrible.

Thanks to this, I did not want to write this article very much, and it became the end of the Five Tiger Generals. It has to be admired that this person has been raised as a tragic great commander.

It is described that Chenju who wrote the Three Kingdoms has destroyed his family with his mightiness, and it has not been highly evaluated in the history of his generation. This is in contrast to the fact that Kanha and Zhang Fei are valued by historians and great generals in their later generations.

However, it is true that he was superior to martial arts, and he managed to catch up with that Cao cao. It is true that in Suzushu, he was feared to be called General Shintai, but eventually he was ruined because of his character, which was rude and only considered his own interests.

Still, as Chenju says, it might have been good because he could complete his life.

Even so, I often get disappointed when I read from the narrative from the perspective.